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TMFS Corporation was started to bring an entire new program to online Driver Files. With many years experience in the trucking industry, we decided to bring this type of program out so that all trucking companies would have the tools that it needs to hire and keep drivers. Automated applications, background checks, Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR's), Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP from the D.O.T) all under one program, completely automated. Easy to use, easy to check your drivers, easy to do past driver employment checks, and once a driver is not with you, records are kept for the full 3 years and we have made it easy to respond to driver employment inquires! A monthly service that will keep up with your drivers information, when their drivers license expire, medical cards expire, annual review etc. All in a simple to use, online program. With many more features, and our clients can choose to have these features automated or ala cart.

Photo: TMFS Founder Fred Simcic.

TMFS Founder Fred Simcic


Fred Simcic, Founder

Fred is a trucking specialist with more than 28 years of experience in the trucking fuel and mileage tax industry. He owned Truckers Accounting & Permitting Service for 28 years, and developed online programs such as to help companies and drivers get complete and correct trip information for filing fuel and mileage tax returns. He has beta tested several programs for states rolling out new fuel and mileage tax systems, as well as programs for the licensing and permitting of vehicles. Fred brings his extensive knowledge to

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