Driver File Qualification Feature List

We offer everything you need to be compliant with the DOT Driver File Qualification regulations in one easy-to-use online program. This includes more than just the electronic forms and other standard features. With our program, you have access to DOT Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Reports and State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR), all in one place.

Take a look at some of the features offered below.

Feature: Application Only Account Type

Application Only Account

Now you can use only the DOT Compliant online application portion of our program without the rest of the qualifications!

More About Application Only Accounts
  Feature: Online Driver Application

Online Driver Application

Send prospective drivers to an online portal where they can complete a DOT compliant application for employment.

More About Online Driver Applications
Feature: DOT PSP Reports

DOT PSP Reports

We deliver the DOT Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Reports directly from the DOT to your driver's file in our program.

More About DOT PSP Reports
  Feature: State Motor Vehicle Reports

State Motor Vehicle Reports

We deliver the State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) directly from the State to your driver's file in our program.

More About State Motor Vehicle Reports
Feature: Managed Services

Managed Services

Don't have the time to do driver qualifications yourself? No problem, our team can handle the qualification for you!

More About Managed Services
  Feature: Law Enforcement Portal

Law Enforcement Portal

Get audited? No problem, just create a law enforcement login, assign the audited drivers and we'll handle the rest!

Feature: Multilingual Interface

Multilingual Interface

Full support for both and English & Spanish interface, including electronic forms and online driver application!

  Feature: Electronic Forms

All Electronic Forms

We have all the forms needed for driver qualification in electronic format that can be completed and signed online!

Feature: Physical Form Upload

Physical Form Upload

Do you have copies of driver qualification files as hard copies? No problem, upload them into the program manually!

  Feature: Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

Streamline authorizations and signatures with our fully compliant electronic signature system, built right into the software!

Other Features

The features we listed above are only a few of the features you'll find included with our driver file qualification program. Other features you'll receive include:

  • Automatic Annual Record Reviews
  • Electronic Previous Employer Investigations
  • Handles Not Hired Compliant Process
  • License Expiration Reminders
  • Medical Card Expiration Reminders
  • 100% Driver File & Form Compliance
  • Retains Driver Files For Required Time Length
  • Full Driver File Download
  • Experienced DOT Regulation Support Staff
  • Much, much, more!
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