Driver File Qualification Program Pricing

The fees you'll pay will depend on the size of your company. Our program pricing includes a monthly fee to be paid on a per driver basis. There can also be additional fees for add-ons such as DOT PSP Reports, State Motor Vehicle Reports and Managed Services.

Please take a look and carefully review our pricing model below.

Monthly Driver Fees

Your monthly driver fee is the amount you pay per active driver under your account. This fee is adjusted based on the number of drivers in your account. The more drivers you have, the less you'll pay per driver. If you sign up for an application only account, you do not pay monthly driver fees.


Calculate Monthly Driver Fees

Enter the number of active drivers you currently have to calculate monthly driver fees.

State Motor Vehicle Report Fees

The State Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) fee is the price you will pay each time you order a report.
Learn more about State Motor Vehicle Reports.


DOT PSP Report Fees

The DOT Pre-Employment Screening Program Report fee is the price you will pay each time you order the report. Note this report can only be ordered when hiring a new driver.
Learn more about DOT PSP Reports.


Managed Service Fees

The Managed Service Fees are an optional add-on that allows you to hire our expert support team to handle parts of the driver qualification process on your behalf.
Learn more about Managed Services.


Submitted Application Fees

This fee is only applicable if you sign up for an application only accountThe Submitted Application Fee is the fee you pay for each application for employment a potential driver submits through your online application. When you have an application only account, you do not pay any monthly driver fees.


24 Hour Access Fee

Our 24 hour access feature can used by customers that cancel their accounts and need access for a short period of time afterwards. This is available for up to 3 years after cancellation.


Questions Regarding Our Pricing?

If you have questions about our pricing, please feel free to contact us.

You may also check out the Frequently Asked Questions and you may find your answer there.

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